Club Penguin In Depth: Instrument Hunt - Day 5

It was a  hard decision on what to go into depth on today, but after a lot of thinking we've decided to go with the Instrument Hunt way back in July 2006! Don't worry if you haven't heard of this, it was a very long time ago and very few penguins were lucky enough to participate in it. It was only available from July 21st - July 23rd 2006. The Penguin Band had lost their instruments and it was up to us to find them. It was a scavenger hunt and they would give you tips on where to find the items.

I apologize for the blurry image, it was close to 10 years ago so there were almost no pictures of the event left. If you look in the bottom left corner, you'll notice that they gave hints towards where the item was. For example; the hint they gave in the picture lead to the piano in the Club Penguin Pet Shop. There was a hint for each item. 

You'll notice there's also a Claim Prize button. After the hunt was completed, you could claim your prize which remains one of the most rare backgrounds in Club Penguin history to this day. It was known as the Band Background and was for both members and non-members. 

I love the classic old school look of this background, and it's unique because it doesn't have every member of the bands signature on it like all of the newer Penguin Band backgrounds. It's simply signed The Band. It truly is a special background, and remains the rarest one to this date. 

Club Penguin - Penguin Style Catalog Cheats June 2014

Club Penguin has just finished bringing us an amazing new catalog filled with some cool looking items. Follow this post to find all of the hidden items in the Club Penguin Penguin Style Catalog for June 2014. So, before we get to the cheats let's check out the cover page:

The cover is nice and simple, I love the clean look of it. It also fits this month nicely since there are so many sports events that are going to be going on in Club Penguin. Now, let's get into the Penguin Style Catalog Cheats for June 2014.

Click on the purple penguin's flopper for the Red Viking Helmet.

Repeat the previous step three times for the Blue Viking Helmet.

Click on the squid for the Squidzoid Costume.

Click on the male penguins head for the Green High Tops

I was honestly surprised by the amount of cheats in the June 2014 of the Penguin Style. There weren't any new hidden items in the catalog either, these were all old and found on pages that were previously in the catalog. I do like the new items though, they're looking great and perfect for the Penguin Cup! What do you guys think? 

Club Penguin - Stadium Returns + Snow & Sports Catalog! (June 2014)

Hey Penguins! The Stadium has replaced the Ice Rink on Club Penguin for summer like usual! The Club Penguin team have also updated the Snow & Sports catalog for June 2014. Here's what the Stadium looks like:

As you can see, it has the usual room design and nothing has been changed. Now for the Snow & Sports catalog! If you haven't already seen the cool front cover for the catalog, then you can check it out:

Like per usual, the sport backgrounds have returned along side the Referee Jersey and the Silver Whistle!

The first cheat in on the 6th page. Click on the cap in between the picture of the Green Football Jersey and the text that says Green Football Jersey.

To find the next and final cheat, go to the 9th page and click on the Hiking Backpack. You can now buy the Popcorn item!

That is all of the cheats for this catalog, personally I don't feel as if there are many cheats in this catalog as there usually are. What do you guys think? Also, a lot of the items are the same as usual and there were only a few new items.

Club Penguin Fairy Fables Returns to the Stage June 2014

Leave it to good old Club Penguin to bring back the play Fairy Fables to the stage. I'm sure most of you have seen it before, but I'll leave you guys with a picture below just in case you haven't quite seen it yet:

The stage isn't anything new, we're used to it now but they did do something new with the Costume Trunk. Now you can access every single stage item all in one catalog! Here's a list of all the play items they have in the catalog.

You can find the first cheat in the Quest for the Golden Puffle section. Click on the golden puffle and you will be able to purchase the Crook And Flail.

The second cheat is in the Secrets of the Bamboo Forest section. Click on the pig nose and you will find the Sunset Crown.

The next cheat is in the Twelfth Fish section. If you click on the emerald on the hat, you will be able to purchase the Ruffle Collar.

The last and final cheat is in the Norman Swarm has been Transformed section. If you click on the White Fuzzy Beard, you will find the Pointy Shoes.

This is definitely a ton of items all crammed into one catalog! I'm not sure how I feel about this, now penguins can get items that they missed but it also makes some of them less "rare". Either way Club Penguin has done a great job this week with the updates and I'm super excited for the Penguin Cup June 2014!

Club Penguin June 2014 Penguin Cup Spoiler

Club Penguin announced that the Penguin Cup was coming to the island very soon, and today they made their next move towards introducing Club Penguin's very first Penguin Cup in June 2014.

So, it looks like Club Penguin has officially announced a brand new game coming in June! That's some great news. They also updated the home screen when you get to Club Penguin, it advertises the Penguin Cup even more.

That's awesome, they mentioned special shoes that will let you kick the ball harder and it looks like this home screen shows you a sneak peek of them. I'm really excited about the Penguin Cup coming to Club Penguin! What about you guys?