Club Penguin Gary Tracker January 2013

Gary has returned to the snowy island of Club Penguin for the Prehistoric Party 2013! Gary is now waddling around and giving out a new background when you find him. We don't only bring you the latest Club Penguin cheats, we are also going to track Gary for you! Use the Gary Tracker January 2013 to help find his latest locations/

Status: Online
Server: Deu Branco (Portuguese)
Room: Tricera Town

Make sure to refresh the tracker every few seconds to make sure that you know Gary's latest location, this will give you the best possible chance to find him. The tracker is a great way to find Gary but here are some additional tips to finding him:
  1. Make sure to add Gary as a buddy so you can get his background easier next time.
  2. He is a blue penguin in a labcoat, in other words; he sticks out from the crowd.
  3. If a room is full there is a very good chance that Gary could be in there.
  4. He usually spends 15-20 minutes on a single server at a time.
  5. Gary can be on multiple servers at once. 
  6. He visits rooms that are specific to the party (Prehistoric Party 2013)
  7. Follow me on Twitter, I will also update his location there. (click here)
Just like most the parties Gary attends, he has a different outfit and player card this time. Check out this awesome picture of what Gary decided to wear to the Prehistoric Party 2013:

Pretty cool Prehistoric Party outfit, Gary fits right in with all the cavemen and dinosaurs. He also brought us another surprise, a brand new mascot background! Remember, you have to find Gary, open up his player card, and click on the box for his new autographed background. 

This is definitely a prehistoric background that you're not going to want to miss. Don't worry, if you use our tracker you should have absolutely no troubles tracking him down and getting this background for yourself. So, how many times have you found Gary so far?

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